Military Macaw

Military Macaw
ara militaris

Length: 85cm/34 inches
Weight: 800-1100 grams
Life span: 50-60 years
Incubation: 25-26 days
Age at weaning: 16 weeks
Age at maturity: 2-3 years
Natural habitat: Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Guatamala

Military Macaws frequent lowland forests of both pine and oak up to a height of 2,500 metres. Their favoured habitats are the foothill and canyon areas.  They can usually be seen flying in small groups but they remain paired within a flock and this is evident when observing them in flight.  Youngsters can clearly be seen when in flight with the adult birds.  At certain times of the year they will fly considerable distances over great stretches of grasslands to reach fruiting tress in the mountain forests.  When roosting they often perch at the top of a tall dead tree.  If the tree is approached they screech loudly and rise into the air.

Their diets consists of whatever fruit and nuts are in season.

They prefer to nest on or near a cliff face or in a hollow of a tree.  Their normal clutch consists of 2-3 eggs.

Military Macaws are mostly green.  They have a patch of bright red just above their beak. Their back and wings are green apart from the flight feathers which are blue.  Their underwing is yellow.  Their undertail feathers are blue and the upper tail feathers start off red, merge into green and then turn blue!  Their beak is black and the bare skin on their cheeks and lores is white.  Their legs are grey and their iris's are a pale yellow colour.

Pet potential: There are several species of Macaw which can be classed as nippy and the Military is one of these.  They are not the most intelligent of the macaws nor are they the most colourful to look at, being mostly green but if you look carefully at their feathers they have a fabulous irridscent sheen to them which shimmers in the sunlight.  The Military Macaw has a very playful nature and likes nothing more than handing by a claw from the roof of their cage, swinging and flapping.  They also make quite good talkers.  They have a mischevious personality and can be quite aggressive towards other birds but if handled properly and well socialised they can make very loving playful pets but they are not for the first time pet bird owner.

Talking ability: Fair

Noise level: High

Cage requirements: Minimum 4 x 3 x 6 foot

Interesting fact: The Military Macaw is at risk in Venezuela due to habitat loss and the pet trade.

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